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Breakingviews - Unilever’s reverse reunification is win for FTSE

Unilever has bowed to the power of the FTSE 100 index. The consumer giant on Thursday unveiled a plan to unify its dual holding companies in London, less than two years after UK shareholders rejected an attempt to create a single Dutch parent. This attempt has a greater chance of success.

Breakingviews - Just Eat-Grubhub deal requires fistful of antacid

Consolidation in the food-delivery business in the United States is a tall order. But Grubhub Chief Executive Matt Maloney has managed to pull a deal off. The company he founded has agreed to a $7.3 billion takeover by European counterpart Just Eat Takeaway.com. There are some benefits, but swallowing the deal will require a fistful of antacid.

Breakingviews - Britain has more to lose from a Huawei U-turn

Boris Johnson is threatening to choose sides in the global telecom standards battle. Six months after granting Huawei Technologies a limited role in Britain’s next-generation mobile networks, the prime minister is facing renewed pressure to ban the Chinese giant entirely. That would carry big costs. It would also suggest that post-Brexit Britain is a weak negotiator.

Breakingviews - Citi uncomfortably straddles Hong Kong-China fence

Citigroup has a busy time ahead staying out of Chinese politics. Chief Executive Mike Corbat has so far avoided taking sides on Beijing’s controversial security law targeting sedition, terrorism, and “foreign interference” in Hong Kong. But if the White House follows through on threats to sanction Chinese banks over the issue, the $124 billion lender might make a convenient target for retaliation.

Breakingviews - Twitter is the new, virtual picket line

Social media can jump-start national movements: think Black Lives Matter and #MeToo. It’s also a means of forcing companies to listen to staff and customer grievances. In that sense, Twitter and its ilk stand in for the old solidarity of workers' unions. But the power of social media is also easily misdirected.

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