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Breakingviews - Disney business risks getting frozen

The risks to Walt Disney’s business are multiplying. Most of its theme parks and movie theaters are empty thanks to Covid-19. Though Disney has some more virus-resistant properties, that's just the start. Former Chief Executive Bob Iger has left his successor with serious headaches.

Breakingviews - Chancellor: Monetary cure carries risk of its own

If all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail. The Federal Reserve is employing two major tools to combat coronavirus: cutting short-term interest rates to near zero and expanding its balance sheet by a further $700 billion. The Bank of England has likewise taken UK interest rates to their lowest level in its 300-year history.

Breakingviews - Fed arsenal shows up White House peashooter

The Federal Reserve is going all out to combat the financial effects of the new coronavirus. It unleashed rate cuts, easier credit conditions and cheaper access to dollars on Sunday, and argues it has more up its sleeve if needed. But it’s not enough, without fiscal stimulus or adequate public health remedies. There, it’s up to politicians to step up.

Breakingviews - Review: Fashion is the true villain of “Greed”

Philip Green made corporate history in 2005 when the British retail tycoon paid his wife a 1.2 billion pound dividend. So, it’s no surprise that “Greed” opens with a dramatised version of that event. The movie’s loathsome fictional villain dodging taxes and destroying high street businesses, Sir Richard McCreadie, is a barely disguised caricature of the Topshop owner. Director Michael Winterbottom’s real target, though, is the wider fashion industry.

Breakingviews - SoftBank’s buyback is opportunistic and frivolous

Masayoshi Son’s frivolous tech bets have put investors on edge. A move by his $75 billion SoftBank Group to?buy back up to 500 billion yen ($4.8 billion) of stock over the next year could do the same. The repurchase plan, announced on Friday, is partly a bow to Paul Singer’s pushy activist hedge fund Elliott Management, which has amassed a?near-3% stake and wants it to buy back as much as $20 billion. In a plunging market, though, SoftBank could struggle to se

Breakingviews - Cheap oil will fund quasi-handouts for Indians

India?can afford to give consumers a boost. An effective month-long ban on foreign tourist?visas?goes into force on Friday as the government seeks to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Travel restrictions make sense to prevent a big outbreak in a poor nation with a weak health?system, but?the move will?hurt a sector that contributes?around a tenth?of GDP in a slowing economy already reeling from financial blowups. New Delhi can soften the blow by allowing consu

Breakingviews - ECB’s stealth easing enlists banks in virus fight

Christine Lagarde is hoping the banking sector will be her new best friend. Less than four months after taking office, the European Central Bank boss has taken a stealth approach to monetary easing that relies on lenders to help combat the damage the coronavirus risks wreaking on the euro zone economy.

Breakingviews - Viewsroom: Oil shock

A major rift between Saudi Arabia and Russia has sent oil prices plummeting just as the Covid-19 outbreak saps demand. The fallout is pummeling U.S. shale producers and calling traditional energy-security concepts into question. Plus, market fallout in Japan, China and India.

Breakingviews - Virus-hit airlines can fly without state thrust

Donald Trump just turned airlines’ headache over coronavirus into a full-on migraine. By barring most European fliers from entry in a bid to halt Covid-19’s spread, the U.S. president is hitting operators on both sides of the Atlantic where it hurts most. But airlines now are bigger and fitter than they were after 9/11. Doling out regulatory leeway, rather cash, should be enough to tide them over.

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